IAFPD Advanced Certificate in Health and Wellbeing Coaching

IAFPD Advanced Certificate in Health and Wellbeing Coaching


The modular Advanced Certificate in Health & Wellbeing Coaching programme provides opportunities for participants to become knowledgeable about the theory, research and practice of health and wellbeing coaching.

The programmes provides 60 hours of classroom training plus a distance learning component consisting of reading and home assignments. The taught work for the Advanced Certificate is provided by attendance on two certificate programmes. The programme includes coaching skills training on the Certificate in Coaching module. The Certificate in Stress Management, Health & Wellbeing Coaching course consists of two modules providing the theory, research and practice in stress, health and wellbeing coaching.

NB. For experienced coaches the alternative option is to take the Certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching instead of the Certificate in Coaching.

To become knowledgeable in health and wellbeing coaching and be proficient in health-related coaching skills.


The course objectives are all of those in modules a and b below.

The Advanced Certificate consists of two modular certificate programmes:

a) Certificate in Coaching (Option 1) (6 days or 5 intensive days) or Certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching (three 2-day modules)
b) Certificate in Stress Management, Health and Wellbeing Coaching (two 2-day modules)

The course is suitable for health professionals, health educators, coaches, supervisors, psychologists, counsellors, ministers, nurses and other professionals.

In addition to passing the three written assignments for the modules (a and b), learners are expected to submit:
• Two short reports of completed health coaching with two coachee or clients
• Two book reviews on previously agreed text books relating to Health and Wellbeing Coaching

If in practice, it is essential that regular supervision of coaching work be provided at the place of work or privately from an experienced coach. If necessary, guidance will be given regarding how to obtain a suitable supervisor.

Each of the two full certificate programmes has a set course fee ie Certificate in Coaching;  Certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching (three 2-day modules), Certificate in Stress Management, Health and Wellbeing Coaching (2 modules). For Learners who wish to take the Advanced Certificate programme there is an additional fee of £125 including VAT.

Participants must be members of one or more approved independent professional coaching bodies or other related organisations e.g. Association for Coaching, European Mentoring & Coaching Council, Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, The Institute of Leadership and Management (TILM), International Society for Coaching Psychology, and/or British Psychological Society and abide by their code of ethics.

​Course attendance should be for a minimum of 90% per module.


The next step in training for learners wishing to extend their knowledge and gain more skills practice is our IAFPD Diploma in Health & Wellbeing Coaching programme. This higher level of training may be relevant for coaches with no qualifications in a related health profession.

Our courses are run in partnership with our affiliated faculties, the International Academy for Professional Development and the Centre for Coaching.